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Serving clients in a variety of industries, with over 30 years of experience, our focus is on small to mid-sized, closely held, private companies in the tri-county areas of south Florida.

By offering a complete package of services, this minimizes or eliminates the need for our clients to work with multiple organizations. As our clients’ trusted advisor we offer a wide range of services providing complete solutions in order to help their organizations grow. From traditional accounting services to complex strategic planning, our skilled and competent team is here to help shape your future.

Salver and Cook LLP invests time and resources to gain industry-specific knowledge and experience. Our clients enjoy the benefits of the most sophisticated approaches and solutions to financial problems and opportunities while also feeling the traditional values of one on one services and relationships in both the international and domestic sectors.

Our continual investment of time and resources in professional continuing education and extensive business relationships is indicative of our commitment to excellence.


Paul Salver, JD, CPA
Phone: (954) 389-1333 ext.222
Email: P.Salver@psccpas.com


Corydoon Cook, CPA
Phone: (954) 389-1333 ext.121
Email: C.Cook@psccpas.com


Vanessa Piedrahita
Phone: (954) 389-1333 ext: 211
Email: Vanessa@psccpas.com


Herb Epstein, CPA
Senior Tax Manager
Phone: (954) 389-1333 ext.206
Email: H.Epstein@psccpas.com


Sara Sedys
Tax Accountant
Phone: 954-389-1333 ext. 204
Email: sara.sedys@psccpas.com

Debby Raubvogel
Tax Accountant
Phone: (954) 389-1333 ex 213
Email: debby@psccpas.com

Priscilla Figueroa
Tax Accountant
Phone: 954-389-1333 ext. 201
Email: priscilla@psccpas.com

Heydi Rodríguez Bencid
Executive Assistant
Phone: (954) 389-1333 ext: 207
Email: h.rodriguez@psccpas.com


Margarita Diaz
Phone:(954) 389-1333 ext: 205
Email: margarita@psccpas.com

Andreina Herrera
Phone: (954) 389-1333 ex 100
Email: a.herrera@pcsspas.com


Karen Salver, JD
Phone: (954) 389-1333 ext: 210
Email: k.salver@psccpas.com

Janeth Portilla
Staff Accountant
Phone: (954) 389-1333 ex 203
Email: j.portilla@psccpas.com


Daniella Santana
Office Manager
Phone: (954) 389-1333 ext: 111
Email: d.santana@psccpas.com

Welcome to Salver & Cook LLP Accounting firm licensed in FL.

We offer a broad range of services for business owners, executives, and independent professionals. We are affordable, experienced, and friendly.
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